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The Works Cards are cards that will help to not only heal, but educate others in areas in which they are not experts. The decks will range from young black professionals, hospice, grief, self esteem and more. These cards are to help heal the population, relieving stress one card at a time.

Kenshara Cravens, LMSW, CCM, LCDC, (CI), Ph.D(C)

Kenshara Cravens believes everyone is capable of change. It’s this tenet that has led to her pursuing her calling in Social Work. With a singular goal of empowering as many individuals as she can, she finds ways to contribute through service, mentorship, and compassion.

A first-generation college student, Kenshara understands all too well the value of knowledge and the struggle involved in overcoming diversities. As such, she continuously seeks opportunities to further expand and develop her education.

Cravens to earned her Ph.D. in Social Work from Walden University in 2023. Her dissertation is titled: Experiences and Perceptions of Hospital Social Workers, wherein she explores the commonly misunderstood world of social work in the hospital arena. A subject she knows well as she’ll also be earning the title of Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) this year.

These monumental achievements are of course, on top of what Cravens has already accomplished: She is a Licensed Master Social Worker (LMSW) and a Licensed Graduate Social Worker (LGSW), as well as a current Assistant Professor at Prairie View A&M University.

As Assistant Professor, Cravens runs an active and dynamic classroom, keeping students engaged with community-building exercises as part of the curriculum. She has conducted numerous lectures and seminars and presented them to students with panache.

While it’s no secret that Kenshara is an unstoppable force that’s always on the prowl for knowledge and experience, there are a few accomplishments she holds close to her heart:

The Sages of Clinical Services award 2021, presented by United Healthcare. Bestowed to a only handful of worthy recipients from a pool of over 50,000, the award is given to licensed clinicians who continually embody United Health values including ethics, sympathy, and the fostering of relationships.  



Cravens made the list of The Daily News’ “40 Under 40”, presented by the Galveston Daily News. Recognized for her true commitment to her community, in addition to being a young professional devoted to personal/professional growth and triumph.

She also received the Hometown Hero award, presented by The Carolyn Taylor Lee Foundation. The Non-Profit organization has a goal of providing daily support to communities throughout the year, empowering households with a family-centric unit in mind.

Inspired by her own achievements in the Non-Profit space, Cravens established Craving For A Change Foundation, Inc. The foundation’s overarching goal is to institute social-emotional learning strategies for adolescent and young adult students attending the Galveston County public school system.

With Social Work and the youth ever present as her impetus, Kenshara Cravens truly is a maven in her field. As she continues to fuel her appetite for knowledge and works to empower her peers, she looks forward to what the future holds. 

Ja’Quavia Demus, Med-CMHC, CDP, LBSW, LCDC, Ph.D (c)

Ja’Quavia  Demus is a Houston native. Mrs. Demus started her collegiate career at Texas Southern University where she obtained a Bachelors of Liberal Arts degree in Social Work due to a passion for providing assistance to the community. Following this degree she obtained her license in the field. She continued her collegiate career at Lamar University with a Masters of Education in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. Mrs. Demus saw her love for helping those who struggled to help themselves. Ja’Quavia is currently pursuing a doctorate in Psychology, and has just completed a second masters degree in Psychology, with the goal of establishing a private counseling practice.

Ja’Quavia has a deep love for assisting the elderly community and has obtained her Certified Dementia Practitioner certification. Mrs. Demus is the cofounder of The Works Cards, which consist of a multitude of specialized card decks that assist in navigating life from a plethora of aspects. Mrs. Demus is the founder and CEO of Rescuing the Rainbow INC. a non profit organization geared towards assisting troubled LGBTQ youth. Ja’Quavia hopes to continue to provide tools that help others navigate their worlds more effectively through education and resources. 

Ja’Quavia continues to have a strong passion in assisting the community and developing more programs to aid in positive change. Mrs. Demus hopes to continue expand her career in a way that will continue to educate and assist by way of hands on work with others.

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