Relieving stress one card at a time

The Works Cards

A card deck business created by black women mental health experts to provide a multitude of thereputic self-help guides, tools, & Education.

What are The Works Cards?

The Works Cards are cards that will help to not only heal, but educate others in areas in which they are not experts. The decks will range from young black professionals, hospice, grief, self esteem and more. These cards are to help heal the population, relieving stress one card at a time.

To learn more about The Works Cards and how they work, check out our interview on The Coffee Break with Laura Thompson. 

The Works Cards

Young Black Professional Edition


This innovative deck includes five categories that provide a plethora of self-help tools for working through typical and atypical stressors you may face as a young black professional.

The categories include; Emotions, When Provoked, Coping, Education, and Affirmations. These categories were carefully thought out and created with professionals from any walk of life in mind. This deck can be worked through independently, or in a social setting with other professionals. The ultimate goal is to provide you with empowerment and education, while also learning to help yourself.



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The Works Cards is not a generic card business. These card decks are carefully made by real mental health professionals! These professionals have created a cards where individuals can heal, and educate themselves from the privacy of their own home

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