You must be 18 years or older to buy any air gun or air rifle in our store. pfam9b-RK01-1. 4.2 out of 5 stars 949. thank you. Included is a 10-shot pellet clip and a 6-shot BB clip. Things I liked: Good weight pretty accurate and really nice fit and finish and the best part is the full auto feature. Crosman PFAM9B. Pros. will this use the same magazine's as the umarex beretta 92a1? Ex Tax: Rs.36,000 . A promotional video for Crosman's fully automatic BB guns; the SBR DPMS and PFAM9B. !, which really "Pisses" me off,,,,,,With only1! It has a selector switch that allows the shooter to chose between Semi-Auto and Full Auto operation mode. Things I would have changed: Spend a Few more dollars on replacing the "Plastic" part's, and RE-Design the Pistols Magazine, which wouldn't take much at all, and you'd have a Satisfied & more Importantly,,,a Returning Customer. Out Of Stock. User Manuals. The whole thing is just not super well-designed. Things I liked: I own the Taurus pt92 and this is a great replica, the weight and feel are spot on.. Add to Cart. Have more questions? $93.93. In Stock (100) - Ships in 2 to 4 days. Propulsion: CO2 x1. Service Manual Nissan Pathfinder 1996-2004 г. 4 star. Add to Cart. 200 Crosman Domed Ultra Heavy Pellets .22 £ 12.99. Click here to read Privacy Policy. But if you're thinking about buying a Beretta replica BB gun with full-auto, and you want to enjoy it without things jamming or breaking, BUY THE UMAREX. Free shipping. I also bought this based on pyramydair claiming it shot up to 450 fps..crosman claims 400 fps, and I am sure that on a warm day it will shoot around 400 fps.. PyramydAir is promoting it at 450fps, but not Crosman. 0 out of 1 found this helpful. For current prices, please contact Customer Service at 1-800-7AIRGUN (724-7486). Got an answer?Log in, then enter your text. Raspuns Airsoftieftin. Log in, then enter your text. Create an online review and share your thoughts with other customers. The PFAM9B and my Swiss Arms pistols both are more accurate and scatter the full auto much less. Featuring a 20-round quick release magazine, the air pistol offers a smooth bore barrel with an under-barrel Picatinny accessory rail. By continuing to browse the site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. NOT YET!!! Crosman Airgun Assembly - Break Down - Parts - 1008 - YouTube Catégorie Pistolet à plomb; Manufacturer CROSMAN AIRGUNS; Type of weapon Pistol; Caliber.177 (4,5 mm) Power source CO2; … Manuals. $11.29 shipping. Synthetic stocks aren’t to everyone’s liking. I am looking for a magazine for this gun. crosman rifle air rifle gun pistol owners manuals 1088 evp 108 om2 30011-515 c8m22om c11 airsoft c100- om 1942 -1951 c101 -om 1925 -1951 c102- om c104 - om c105 -om c107 - om c111-om c1008 evp1 c1008 evp2 c1008 om1 c1008 om2 c1008 om3 c10 . It will shoot faster and even shoots both BB/Pellets. Subscribe. The slide is realistic and the trigger pull is smooth. Crosman PFAM9B Co2 Powered Full Auto Blowback BB AIR Pistol. NOT this one. or does it use different ones. I agree 450 fps is way better than 300 fps, However in the spec department under actions it says, " full auto" Does anyone know if this gun is semi-automatic as well !! You must be 18 years or older to buy any air gun or air rifle in our store. Gift eCards; My Account ; Contact Us; Wish List; Login/Sign up 888-262-4867 (GUNS) Deals 0. Pull down the bb spring lever on the magazine all the way and there should be space to insert multiple bb's at a time. The Umarex is a bit louder, with the Crosman having more of a "poof" sound. The switch is difficult to manipulate. The slide has a heavier spring. I tried today as soon as I received it,,,,,and it's a No-Go as far as inter-changeable mag's go. The only reason I even looked at this one was the increased FPS, but according to reviews I think I'll keep what I have. Got an answer? 4.3 out of 5 stars 2,484. Ammunition Type: 4.5mm steel BB's. What others should know: Overall I think this air gun is awesome the many pro totally out weigh the cons. SBD sound suppression system. I have that gun and swapped out the plastic grips for Hogue grips for the real gun. Crosman R1 Semi Auto Steel BB Tac Air Gun £ 274.99. *Must be 18 years old. It's powered by CO2 and shoots pellets up to 435 fps and BBs up to 465 fps through a 6-inch rifled steel barrel. I bought the ISSC M22 for $100 and it shoots faster, and even has better CO2 efficiency. Featuring a realistic looking construction and lifelike blowback action, the PFAM9B is an ideal BB gun for target shooting or honing your shooting form. Message Frequency Varies, Text HELP for Help, STOP to Opt-Out. What others should know: Don't buy this, there's a much better alternative here, I also own it- the Umarex Beretta-licensed M9A1, which is a replica of an almost identical model Beretta, it is also semi & full-auto plus it's about the same price- the Umarex/ Beretta is far superior in every way. You can find out more about how we use cookies here. Has anyone crono this yet to see if its really 450 fps? It's tighter, more accurate, has a higher rate of fire in full-auto, the magazines have steel caps on the bottom that won't break and they have a cool quick-load slot. Accuracy is decent in semi-auto for a pistol. Crosman PFAM98B Full Auto Blowback BB Pistol Uses a 12-gram CO2 cartridge Blowback action 20-rd BB … FEATURES. I don't know why you didn't just return it within the first 30 days pyramyd air would certainly work with you. The Crosman & the Umarex/ Beretta are both pretty loud, which I like, some may not. What's the FPS ??!!!!?? All other designated trademarks, copyrights, and brands are the property of their respective owners. The customer service is the top.and perhaps your anger should be directed at the company that actually makes the gun instead of the people that are selling it. 2 disponibles. Clean Break Trigger. Cheer's Andy. I just got the gun today. Owner's Manuals; Service Centers; Warranty Info; Product Registration; Safety Guidelines; Contact; About Crosman; Careers; Airgun Tutorials; Airgun Fundamentals; View All; CO2 Air Pistols. Copyright © 1999-2020 Pyramyd Air. Come and visit our impressive London store located in Feltham, just off the M4 at junction 3, where you can view and test our wide selection of air pistols, air … The most helpful favorable review. It just seemed to constantly jam, especially in full-auto. Anyway, this gun is wayyyy overpriced. Barrel: 4.1 inches, brass, non-rifled. The Umarex model has Crosman BEAT Hands Down!,,,,The Crosman Feels Extremely "Cheap" & "Shoddy" when compared to the Beretta, In almost every aspect & Detail,,,,Especially the Magazines,,,,,There's quite a Bit of "Plastic" in the Crosman Offering, While Almost None for the Beretta 92A1. Submit a request. Message & Data Rates May Apply. Email . CROSMAN PFAM9B CO2 pistol - .177 bore - Blowback - Full-Auto (2.5 joules) ( B465 ) The pure fun ! 79 sold. Crosman Corporation is an American designer, manufacturer and supplier of shooting sport products, with a long-standing presence in airgun design and a tradition of producing pellet and BB guns. Crosman PFAM9B Synthetic Full Auto CO2 BB Pistol, .177 Caliber, Black - PFAM9B. com : Crosman 0481 Spare Clip For C11 / P10 Series Air Pistols, 2-Pack : Airsoft Magazines : Sports & OutdoorsHead out for a day at the range with the Crosman Compact PFAM9B Full-Auto CO2 BB Pistol. Things I liked: This is the same airgun, part for part, as the now-discontinued Gletcher BRT-92FS, which I bought from Pyramidair a few years ago. Manual safety. The gun is all metal, so it feels very real weighing in at 2.44 pounds, which is far heavier than most airguns. Customers Q&A on Crosman PFAM9B CO2 Full Auto BB Pistol. $15.00. 2 Reviews Add Your Review. Directed, Shot and Edited by Atticus Kiser Sony a7s ii, Premiere Pro and… I'd wager 360 fps, which isn't that much more than the actual Beretta M92A1 sold here. 0 bids . $50.94 Next page. $9.99 shipping. Date: 27/12/2020 23:55. Thank You, Subscribe to back in stock notification . Things I would have changed: This gun DOES NOT SHOOT 450 FPS! Elite Force HK Heckler & Koch USP .177 Caliber BB Gun Air Pistol, Standard Action. The rest of the gun feel well made. CROSMAN. Crosman PFAM9B Full Auto Magazine. In-stock . Click here to read Privacy Policy. the swiss arms p92 magazine is the exact same magazine for this crosman pfam9b!!! I do not know why the specs say 450. The Beretta 92A1's slide remains open when the mag's empty. But let's face it, this gun was made for full auto and it delivers satisfaction and despite accuracy or shot count, you can not stop smiling when you blast away in full auto, great for releasing stress! All Rights Reserved. It feels cheap. Things I liked: All metal construction, weighted perfect, and lets face it the full-auto feature is awesome. Crosman Model 38T Revolver Air Pistol, .177 Caliber, Holds and Shoots. Crosman® - 2020 Catalog Made In USA Crosman Authorized Dealer. It's quite loud, but I like this effect because it makes it feel more like a real gun. Model Number : PFM16: Name / Description: CO2 Powered Compact BB Pistol: Dates of Manufacture Parts Availability Owner's Manual: PFM16-515.pdf: Parts Diagram: Not Available: PFM16-515.pdf (700 KB) Was this article helpful? So,,,,,,,This "Purchase" is a Real Trade-Off,,,,,When you compare the Beretta to the Crosman, You may say "I'd rather take 450fps over 350fps anyday", But When you compare the 2 side by side, the first thing you notice is the Level & Quality of "Workmanship" that separates the 2. I sure hope it is really going to be in stock! One CO2 cartridge lasts at least 110 shots. Quick View. The manual safety is located near the hammer. Message Frequency Varies, Text HELP for Help, STOP to Opt-Out. Our e-mails are filled with new products, deals, sneak peeks, tips and tricks, contests and more - sign up today! Product Views: 5160. All other designated trademarks, copyrights, and brands are the property of their respective owners. Tax: £157.00 £130.83 Exc VAT. The gun has a safety, semi-auto, and full-auto. The Crosman P15™ CO₂ .177 Caliber BB Air Pistol accepts .177 caliber ammunition or 4.5mm BBs for semiautomatic firing. MetaLica FULL Acabado negro Longitud: 8.5 " Peso: 2.47 libras 1.2 KILOS Velocidad: 400 fps . Made in USA. the Crosman version is different from the others in that it comes out of the box with select fire (full/semi auto) and you would have to do a simple mod on the other versions to convert them to shoot full auto. I just received the airgun and the packaging says it shoots 400 FPS. The Crosman PFAM9B is a select Fire BB Pistol styled in the image of a Beretta 92F. NEW Crosman P10 Phantom .177 CA … Out of stock. CO2 Magazine, And stay up to date with our latest offers, Crosman QR Quick-Reload Mag for DPMS, R1, MPW, Spare Magazine for Glock G17 Gen4 Blowback, Spare Magazines for Beretta Elite II, Smith & Wesson … 177 (1978) Crosman 760 . It's very nice looking and being all steel (apart from some small bits and the grips which plastic is used) has a good weight and feel to it. 30 Ace Precision Titan . So, just hold the mag upside down, pull the lever back farther and while holding it load the bb's. This is a good way to practice good marksmanship in the privacy of your own backyard. Add to Cart. Thanks! Quick View. I would say it shoots an average of 390 FPS. 11 Item(s) Sort By Desc. California Proposition 65 Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm - It doesn't look good from the back and front. I guess We have to wait until Crosman gets their act together, because this 1 magazine thing is a whole lot of B/S, and as far as the Crosman mag,. I paid $130 for false advertised FPS. Our e-mails are filled with new products, deals, sneak peeks, tips and tricks, contests and more - sign up today! All Rights Reserved. Other pellet-shooting blowback pistols do NOT lock back. Quick View. Air Rifle Cabela's Canada Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Crosman Auto-Reset AirSoft Targets at i was expecting a bigger target station and the manual. Airgun safety is no accident. Then all 3 of my magazines (which are awkward and cumbersome to load BB's into) broke in the same place: the cap at the bottom that pushes the CO2 bottle in is plastic with a metal insert that breaks loose and becomes unusable, it just spins free with the allen's wrench. Metal frame grip and blowback slide. 0 reviews | 0 Q&A |Item # mpn4577065246 View Similar Products. $109.99 Gamo P-430 Pellet/Steel BB Pistol. Caliber: 4.5 MM. Availability: Out Of Stock; Model: PFAM9B; SKU: JH786110791; Crosman. Home; Airguns - Crosman; Air Pistols; CO2 Air Pistols ; CO2 Air Pistols. It breaks down just like a real semiauto handgun. cleared. It utilizes a a 12-gram CO2 cartridge and the blowback action makes it both an excellent training tool in semi-auto and ultra fun in full. By Joseph from USA on 2019-04-07 08:30:34, Things I liked: The pfam9b the magazine was defected and I called to receive another one and to purchase an extra magazine they don't sell Extra Magazine so when the magazine breaks the gun goes in the garbage that's basically the story you buy the gun magazine breaks they don't repair or sell extra magazines can goes in the garbage and you just wasted a hundred and something dollars. Crosman® PFAM9B - Beretta 92 BB CO2 Blowback Air Pistol. What others should know: Have fun and buy extra mags and oh yeah buy a second one shooting two guns full auto is a he'll of a lot of fun. Crosman PFAM9B Co2 Powered Full Auto Blowback BB AIR Pistol. 1 star (3 votes) (3 votes) (2 votes) (1 vote) (1 vote) Crosman PFAM9B CO2. Crosman - Pellet Guns, BB, Airsoft Rifles, and pistols and more on sale Notes: WARNING: Not a toy. With Crosman coming out with this new, innovative & integrated CO2/mag clip, will this pistol's slide lock back when out of ammo? $89.99. Cons. What others should know: Full auto is fun but eats co2. Includes CenterPoint 4 x 32 scope. Please note that due to the holiday season, orders made from December 19 to January 3 will not be shipped until January 4 2021. Got a question? Have an urgent question about this item? I bought this gun solely on its fps and I'm very disappointed now. Pistola CROSMAN PFAM9B Calibre .177 bb Solo dispara BBs de acero. Click on the links below or you can even do a search. Removable 20 shot BB magazine with integrated CO2 housing. Crosman Black Venom .177 One Cock Spring Piston Pistol. Action: Blowback semi and full auto selectable out of the box. CrosmanВ® Phantom .22-Cal. 2 Crosman Vantage NP – Best Affordable Crosman Air Gun. Sorry, ..... wrong pistol. Also, one CO2 bottle is good for maybe 35-45 shots and FPS rapidly declines after 20 or so. Go. 1 of 1 people found the following review helpful: Overall rating: 5.0. Manufacturer: KWC - Distributed by Crosman. Things I would have changed: The safety, semiauto/full auto switch. $44.54 Smith & Wesson M&P 40 .177 Caliber BB Gun Air Pistol. Things I would have changed: Only wish they made an extended magazine the held more BBs and 2 CO2 cartridges. Crosman PFAM9B has a BlowBack system, which makes shooting much more realistic. Buy Now Ask Question. goes, Compared to the Beretta it's CRAP!!! It shoots exactly where I want to shoot and the recoil is very realistic. Customer Reviews for Crosman PFAM9B CO2 Average Customer Review 3.5 (10 reviews) 5 star. Crosman; Owner's Manuals and Parts Diagrams; Crosman Air Pistols; Follow PFM16 Owner's Manual. Safety: Manual; Loudness: 2-Low-Medium; Mechanism: Gas; See on Airgundepot - $149.95. Is this gun semi-automatic as well as full automatic, Ir just strictly full automatic...????? Weight: 2.44 pounds (1107 grams). So "Weigh" your Options, and Choose "Wisely",,,,,,,Cheer's Andy, Does p-air sell the magazines for this gun. Add to Wish List … Air pistol CROSMAN PFAM9B.177 BB bore Only shoots steel BBs 19 shots magazine Steel smooth barrel Energy : CO2 cartridges (12g) Semi or full automatic Blowback Single or double action Manual saety FIxed sights Picatiny rail under the barrel Full metal Black finish. *Must be 18 years old. The biggest advantage this model has over the other competitors is the option to shoot in Full auto mode. I am curious if you tried this with your guns, as this issue has kept me from buying this model. Why's the FPS not shown ??!!!!?? What others should know: All in all its Deff worth the bang for the buck. Materials: Mostly metal build. 153. Create an online review   and share your thoughts with other customers. All-weather synthetic stock. Things I would have changed: Adjustable sites would be awesome, or make this gun in Chrome finish... What others should know: I alternate extra mags while shooting to give them time to warm up in between clips. This installation manual provides the required infor-mation for identification, mounting, connection and electricalManuals for crap I own. Jack, It is a replica of the Taurus PT92, which is basically a version of the Beretta M9/92. By continuing to browse the site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Rs.36,000. If it does get stuck. Contact us, our resident experts are standing by to answer your questions! 450 fps is awesome, Umarex can keep their 300 fps replicas! What others should know: Even with the Lower Muzzle Velocity offered by the Beretta 92A1, You Will be a more Satisfied customer, with a Pistol that will most likely last twice as long and be a lot less "Problematic". Precision or plinking, you can choose!Full metal manufactured, it fits perfectly in hand, and its blowback effet gives impressive senssations. I USE MINE ON MY ON MY CROSMAN. semi auto & full auto, just like a real Beretta M9, Does anyone have an Idea if spare magazines will be available for this model, or other manufacturers mags that'll fill the bill?, Cheers, and Thank's Andy, At least w/ the Umarex model, They had the spare mags available when the Pistol was launched, I hope they do the same w/ this shooter,,,,,,,,Buying a Pistol w/ this kind of capabilities,,,,,,,and only have 1 Magazine at your Disposal, would really "Sour" this Purchase. The slide action is nice, if not a little lightly sprung, and makes for a good blowback effect. Things I liked: I found this gun to be very satisfying, I am surprised there has not been more hype about this release, but I guess many of the folks who purchased the Swiss Arms GSG must have converted their guns to full auto, this looks and feels like the exact same gun, just that the full auto is ready out of the box. Sort By: Show: 1; 2; 3; 4.5 BB. I bought both from this site along with several other accessories, their shipping & service is great. SKU. 196 samples sold. I think this gun is very satisfying. Incl. $115.36. I think you have the Beretta 92FS in mind, the 92A1 is the BB only semi-full auto version, and It's not what they "cut" it up to be, I have one, and it's so under-powered you'd swear all of the Co2 being used is to operate the Aotu-Slide,,,One saving grace is that w/ the right ammo, It IS an extremely accurate pistol, and that ammo being 4.45mm Lead/Copper(coated) Ball ammo from H&N,,,,,,DO NOT use 4.50mm ball ammo, IT will JAM! THE JERICO 941 , OR THE SWISS ARMS COPY , COMES WITH A PLASTIC BB LOADER. This is not the pellet-shooting model. Well you've come to the right place because this category contains owner's manuals and exploded views of parts diagrams. Regular Price CA$154.99. Do you sell them? Thanks for the review! Please note that pricing on exploded view of parts (EVPs) is subject to change. Read more. 4.3 out of 5 stars 413. Text JOIN to 91256 and get $10 Off Your Next $50+ Order. DYN. I will share my images soon and make a review. Copyright © 1999-2020 Pyramyd Air. airgun air rifle gun owner manuals tuning service repair and accessories. 2 star. The PFAM9B barely shoots 2 full mags, whereas the ISSC can shoot 5 mags. Things I liked: The accuracy of the gun is phenomenal. What others should know: Yeah be careful with your purchase online cuz they may look really good in the picture or when you get it it don't exceed your expectations. Join the Pyramyd Air mailing list and receive 10% off your next purchase. Discuss about Crosman PFAM9B Co2 Full-Auto Blowback Full Metal .177 BB Air Pistol with your friends and fellow shoppers! It clearly states on the packaging, 400fps, and 390fps is not that far off. I was really upset by this but I have not tried shooting it yet to compare it to my 400 FPS ISSC M22. I wonder why this pistol is not on the Crosman website anymore? 1 of 1 people found the following review helpful: Is it possible to repair the cap using an instant adhesive such as loctite at the bottom, to stick the metal insert back in place with the plastic? Click here to read about proper airgun and airsoft gun safety measures. 3 star. Airgun safety is no accident. shop online 3d printed accessories airgun owner manuals gun manuals … THE JERICO SHOOTS DUST DEVILS OVER 500 FPS. The package states plainly "up to 400 fps" so I'm not sure why the specs here state it's anything more. We will need to contact Crosman about spare magazines...if they ever actually release this air pistol. They fit like a glove. Things I liked: Well this is my 2nd Full-Semi Auto BB Co2 Pistol, The other being the Beretta 92A1, At first glance , It's a Fine well made shooter, But when compared to the Beretta, it comes in 2nd in Terms of Build quality, and Craftsmanship, and as well as Accuracy, both in semi and full-auto action, The magazine tends to jam, and the spring "Latch" is made of plastic, which is already showing "Wear" through plain usage, Also, The BB's must be inserted in the way they come out(This "Port" is also made out of Plastic), There's no "Speedloading" port, and each BB Must be loaded one at a Time!, Which when you consider that you Can only have the Magazine the pistol comes with at the moment,Firing it in "Full-Auto" doesn't seem worth it,,,,This Truly Suck's!. The PFAM9B air pistol features an impressive 450 fps muzzle velocity. Crosman Sheridan Cowboy .177 / .177 BB . This air pistol proposes 2 shooting modes : semi or full autmatic (bursts). Out of stock. Text JOIN to 91256 and get $10 Off Your Next $50+ Order. Got a question? 5. Crosman "PFAM9B" Co2 Full-Auto Blowback Full Metal .177 BB Air Pistol. It comes with checkered grip that suits both right-handed as left-handed use with equal ease. The CO2 cartridge is placed in the mag. One of the best Crosman air guns … Things I would have changed: The switch for safe,semi and full auto feels like it will break, it gets hung up on occasion but this is not a deal breaker but could be improved on. Add to Wish List Add to Compare. … I seem to get about 3 mags of shots at full auto, and the last mag barely finishes. uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. Want to get 5% off? Get a thin object or even your finger and pull the lever out a little to let the bb roll back out. Special Price CA$149.99. It only holds 20 bbs and one cart, worth one co2 cart you can fire two rounds of a full clip. Video (video is illustrative only): In-stock. What others should know: If you are trying to save a bit of money, I recommend you buy the PDM9B which comes out this December. Shop Now. In Semi and Full auto this gun is way more accurate than my other full auto pistol, The Beretta shot 6 inches low and to the left at 20 feet and on full auto scattered bb's everywhere, although it was fun, I could not hit anything without installing a laser. Crosman® - Beretta 92 BB CO2 Blowback Air Pistol Crosman® - Beretta 92 BB CO2 Blowback Air Pistol. Things I would have changed: Things I would change about that make extra magazines that you could purchase if anything goes wrong with the magazine that comes with the pistol. Price 345.00 GEL. Click here to read about proper airgun and airsoft gun safety measures. This is going to blow away the Umarex Beretta !!! Crosman CCP8B2: The Vigilante is a double action, semi-auto revolver that shoots pellets and BBs. I shot it today. Crosman PFAM9B CO2-Powered Full Auto Blowback BB Air Pistol,Black. Mine started jamming early on, and a warranty replacement one followed the same unfortunate path with several common issues. Subscribe. Shop Crosman products online at leading airsoft store located in Vancouver, Canada offer wide range of Crosman PCP airguns, break barrel airguns, variable pump airguns, CO2 airguns, airsoft guns, riflescopes, sights and archery. Things I would have changed: I purchased this gun about 4 months ago and I gotta say I had to get another one the full auto feature is a blast the fit and finish is just right I really enjoy this gun and shooting both of them is even more fun, i think people forget the fun factor of replica guns I for one think these are great for plinking and practice which is what they were intended for in the first place. (As long as it's legal to do so in your city/state), Things I liked: I like the weight and feel of the gun and of course the auto is great, Things I would have changed: Loading bbs is a bit of a pain,to bad the unarmed loader doesnt work. Crosman PFAM9B CO2 Full Auto BB Pistol. Message & Data Rates May Apply. The safety functions as a switch. I THINK YOU CAN GET THEM JUST WITH OUT BUYING THE LATTER OF THOSE BB GUNS. Add to cart. KWC makes this gun for Crosman, and Swiss Arms and it used to be branded as the GSG 92 and the same magazine goes in all of them. The slide action is nice, if not a little lightly sprung, and makes for a good blowback effect. You can find out more about how we use cookies here. You can't really load it to full capacity, otherwise the lever won't be forcing any bb's up and the gun will just shoot air. THE LOADER HAS A TAB THAT YOU PLACE ON THE SPRING AND PULL IT DOWN AND THEN THE TOP HAS THE HOLE TO LOAD THE BB'S. Questions and answers about Crosman PFAM9B CO2 Full Auto BB Pistol. Home Questions & Answers. uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. The Vigilante has a fixed blade front sight and a fully adjustable rear sight. Things I liked: Love the fact that it's capable of semiauto and full auto. This was an impulse buy, and I do regret it. Does anyone know what the rate of fire is for full auto mode with this PFAM9B? Ammo type: BB. And of course, it's awesome that full-auto is a feature. Its MAX VELOCITY is like 400 FPS and average velocity would be around 390. Ammunition Capacity: 20 rounds FPS: Up to 400. Ken, I see that this is similar in appearance to a Beretta but is it a replica of any particular model? Also, the frame of the gun is fat and the slide is a little too thin. (17) 17 product ratings - Crosman PFAM9B Synthetic Full Auto CO2 BB Pistol, .177 Caliber, Black - PFAM9B. Join the Pyramyd Air mailing list and receive 10% off your next purchase. Capacity: 20. magazine,,,,You'll Notice yourself spending More Time actually Loading than Firing,,,,,So, to save "Wear & Tear", I'll just be using my Beretta Pistola, Until Crosman gets their Act together, and Hopefully will SOON be offering Xtra Mag's for this Shooter. The Crosman Blowback PFAM9B is Full-auto/Semi-auto air pistol (yes, I said, Full Auto) that has a full metal slide and frame to simulate ideal weight, feel and balance. First hold the mag upside down so the a bb does not get stuck behind the lever. Things I would have changed: There are problems with the design. The full-auto is crazy good and makes the gun sound like a submachine gun. Sign up for price alert . Cargador de 20 tiros Barril liso de acero Energía: cartuchos de CO2 (12g) Semi o full automatic Blowback Acción simple o doble Seguro manual Miras fijas Carril de picatiny bajo el cañón. Ending Dec 29 at 6:45PM PST 5d 17h. Add to cart. Based on 0 reviews.-Write a review. Model: PFAM98 - Taurus PT-92. Chances are it's probably even lower than you estimate. 4.2 out of 5 stars 183. Trust me. Backed by a 5-Year Limited Warranty.

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