It is the door side (UK offside) and the noise comes from the seat area. In the commercial sector with huge pipes it is possible for the expansion to push a wall over. I am not familliar with the Alde system but would it be possible to plumb in a bypass tube and a valve so that flow through the bedroom radiator could be restricted and so improve the flow to the shower room? Experts in Used Caravans, Webbs proudly present the 2018 Swift Challenger 565 ALDE Here we have a 2018 Challenger 565 ALDE, twin fixed single bed model with end washroom. In terms of answering the original question - agreed. 2016 Audi Q7 3. 01476 372245.   Your link has been automatically embedded. The Alde will take some time to heat the van from cold, so the fan heater could be handy. Not much fun when the air temperature is very hot and you have the heating on in the toilet and you are getting into a hot bed. ..... give them a call perhaps? Upload or insert images from URL. - Awning. Will get my husban d to look into reversing the pipes etc. Not always the case though cos with underfloor heating (almost a double run in length) 3 or even 4 might be needed. Nick J I also understand that you can switch the gas on or off on the control panel, but am not aware that the gas will kick in, if needed, without me doing it. Member. I have already provided my feed-back to Swift, but thought it might be an interesting(!?) I think the hot water leaves from the top and cooler returns from the bottom, which is similar to a domestic hot water cylinder. 0 - Towing a 2012 Sterling Elite Emerald. By 01506 411 827 Hardie Road, Livingston, Scotland EH54 8BA Menu. 01476 372245. John Mcm It's an uncharted sea, it's an unopened door but you've got to reach out and you've got to explore. swiftgroup. Finally, remember your heating system is part of the annual service your caravan should undergo. In other words, the Alde heating system is a replication of how most homes in the UK get their space and hot water heating. - Excellent condition throughout. This model comes with several upgrades above the standard specification including ALDE Central heating, fitted Motor Mover, ALKO ATC, ALKO Secure Wheel Lock, Paintseal Protection & LUX Pack. Thanks, I must admit I am not up to speed with the fact that the OP's 2018 Challenger 560 van featured Alde underfloor heating. swiftgroup. 5 Auto towing 2011 Conqueror 645. The system works really well, but I’m interested to hear from owners of similar vans on how the system is plumbed. In my case not only the expansion noise but it transmitted the pumps ripple to. we found we had to turn it up to 30 C at Ripon over the weekend any less and it did not feel so warm, also found splashes of anti freeze in the wardrobe (the tank is not at the max) does the liquid just splash about and jump out of the header tank?. That commitment to functionality, reliability and performance endures to this day. A 2020 model 850X 8 foot wide. Don't apply pressure or you will overtighten it and that can contribute to gurgling noises from the header tank. - ALDE central heating and hot water system. In terms of answering the original question - agreed. Not having used the gas part of the heating since buying our first caravan in August last year we thought we'd better give it a try today, however it wouldn't fire up, just giving a 'gas out' errror message. Also, as I say, check the breather points (there will be several at the high points in the system) to make sure no air is trapped. We had Alde in a motorhome and generally speaking, the heating was set at 25 - but we like it hot. View our complete range of Swift caravans, campers, motorhomes and RVs for sale throughout Australia Visit our Grantham dealership and view a variety of New Caravans for sale. Started December 30, 2020, By Caravan Motorhome Antifreeze Alde Heating. My husband checked the system level this morning and found it again well down, he had to add 1 litre of water/anti-freeze, so it must surely be escaping somehow. meadowsweet Could the anti-freeze have been spilt before you collected your new van, perhaps by you dealer topping the header tank up? Is it possible to reverse the plumbing easily I wonder? Make sure the cap is clicked on. Interests, none worth mentioning. Hi We have just been out in our new to us Swift Challenger. Bit of a job to clean up even a small spill. A while later we got a letter from Alde to say that the vent thingy had been sent to our dealer, please contact them to arrange fitting. This is an intermittent problem, we don't know when it is going to happen. (Same layout as Swift Conqueror 630). If anybody finds one area too hot then I suspect some insulation over the heating pipe in that area would cut down the heat, much like restricting the flow in a house radiator. Swift Challenger, Swift Challenger 570, Alde Heating in Mobile & Touring Caravans, Challenger Sport, Dodge Challenger Cars, Swift Caravans, Swift Kontiki, Swift Motorhomes, Swift Corniche, Swift Static Caravans The Alde “wet” heating system fitted to caravans and motorhomes is loved by owners, many saying they would never go back to a “blown air” system. I have had Alde heating on boat and caravans. If you can, it is a good idea to have the Alde running for a while before you leave home, so it is not heating from totally cold. meadowsweet Swift Challenger 530AL - 2017 - 4 Berth Touring Caravan All of our vehicles are privately sourced and not from auction or other dealers.   You cannot paste images directly. Reminder for Members If you are a current member of the Swift Owners Club who joined us before August 2020, subscriptions for 2021 are due no later than 31 Dec 2020. In other words, the Alde heating system is a replication of how most … By   Your link has been automatically embedded. I own a Bessacarr 625 with Alde central heating installed. You can post now and register later. Swift Caravans Range Find your dream Swift tourer with a selection of three outstanding ranges including the 8ft-wide Sprite Super, Challenger X and Elegance Grande. Then, as I said originally the pump should be reset to #2 speed as the final bit of the setting to work part of the PDI, not 3 or 4 as I was being corrected. While you will be able to view the content of this page in your current browser, … Grantham Caravans are delighted to offer a Swift Challenger 480 (2020) inc ALDE heating + LUX Pack for sale. We find that our bathroom NEVER gets as warm as we would like, while my husband gets slowly simmered in bed in the morning when the heating starts up! Among new ranges, 30 of Swift Group’s 41 models are now heated by Alde as standard, and 22 of the Erwin Hymer Group’s 40 models have Alde heating. Ted, our controller has an "on/off" on it, I would have thought that yours would be similar. You can find us at some of the world’s leading trade fairs – or maybe when you’re staying in one of the fabulous recreational vehicles available on the market. If the flow was reversed it may cause problems with the internal boiler water flow as the heated water tries to rise against the flow. If your caravan doesn’t have one of the latest heating systems, there’s no reason to be left out in the cold. Once disconnected from the two rubber couples at the base, lift off the rubber strap on the threaded neck at the top. I to have found the Alde system excellent. However, Alde has introduced a load monitor to go with its heating system. ... on a swift 480 size c'van there is a bleed valve behind both long seat backrest boards in the rubber hoses which connect the pipes to the heat exchangers. This is basically central we heating heating for your caravan as opposed to blown air, which is dry. Swift Challenger 530AL - 2017 - 4 Berth Touring Caravan All of our vehicles are privately sourced and not from auction or other dealers. 01476 372245. Looking at where the OP is currently staying and the make of the caravan, I wonder if they bought the caravan from  the same dealer. Alde heating is now standard across the Eccles range of Swift caravans The 2018 Swift Eccles 530 is a four-berth with a side dinette and an end washroom The Swift Basecamp has proved a popular newcomer to the portfolio We get a lot of expansion/cooling noises from one side (only the one side) - is there anything we should look at? Their product range includes heating systems, control panels, load monitors and heated towel rails. Did anyone escape in their caravan for New Year? Place an order for a new 2016 Challenger or Eccles caravan before 6pm on 28 February 2016 and Swift will upgrade it to feature Alde heating … Our dealer checked the vent thingy when they had it in before by attaching a plastic bag to it and running the heating, but it seemed ok. That of course does not replicate the conditions while towing, so if it only happens then, it will not show up as a fault. The tank can them be reversed. After a further 2 weeks, having heard nothing, we contacted Swift ourselves. It definitely swirls around in there (I'm assuming your van has the motor in the header tank) but shouldn't come out. The temperature is even across the van unless the door has been opened numerous times. This helpful video by Venture Caravans shows you how to use the Alde heating and water heating system that is fitted in the Bailey Unicorn 2 Valencia. Same here cap not fitted correctly. Experts in Used Caravans, Webbs proudly present the 2018 Swift Challenger 565 ALDE Here we have a 2018 Challenger 565 ALDE, twin fixed single bed model with end washroom. I have to say though that the system is tons better than the old Truma blown air system which we never seemed to get right and which was noisy when the fan was running. I look forward to hearing the outcome of this problem. The rubber connections usually take up this expansion. iwoo, Hi, I own a Bessacarr 625 with Alde central heating installed. And yes we were using the heating, in fact we never turn it off as such (don't think you can) just let the thermostat look after that side of things. My van is the same layout as the Bessacarr 625, in fact I asked VM to copy the Bessacarr layout, but the boiler is under the front right seat so the heat goes living area, bedroom, toilet and we never have a problem with a cold bathroom after the system has had time to warm up. Whether you’re looking for practical, family living or high-end luxury, there’s sure to be a choice to suit your needs, with a variety of stylish interior designs all boosted by Swift’s Superior Standard. But I am no expert so lets wait for the feedback from Andy. Please read my post again. As the country was blanketed in snow we were not expecting this to happen immediately. richardandros. Noise wise , the Alde pump can be noisey, but so can our fan when blasting for the first 10 minutes from cold to get up to heat. The Alde system comprises of a Boiler that heats the fresh water to feed the hot water system and the heating system fluid that is circulated by a 12v pump round the caravan in … At #5 speed and getting really hot it is easy enough to spit out fluid, the more so if there was a bit of air left in the system post its PDI or due to lack of a PDI. Then it was fine again until about the beginning of November. From 5 c to 20 c about 15 to 20 minutes using gas and electric. - Registered in 2017 but first purchased in 2018. A problem we have found in our Fleetwood Heritage is what I assume to be a convection flow in the heating circuit. We discussed the fact that the van was on our drive, that taking the van to our dealer was a whole day undertaking (so not the preferred option), that our next service had been booked and was not till March 23rd, and that meantime the fluid kept disappearing. In fact, this morning, the Swift ambient temp reads 2 degrees less (at 10.5 with heating off overnight) than the Alde (which is the other way round from last night, and the gap between the two was 14 degrees then) heating is now on and working, and the displayed ambient temp is rising. Powered by Invision Community, comparing notes with respect to caravanning in general, Engineering, computing, outdoor life. Please email if you would like further help or give me a call at the office. Restore formatting, × On ‎19‎/‎11‎/‎2018 at 16:38, Lost in the wilderness said: Engineering, computing, outdoor life. Started December 30, 2020, By November 19, 2018 in Swift Caravans. Sweden’s barren climate is a perfect environment in which to develop and test world class heating systems – and our company’s founder Alde Rask decided … Lovely and easy. Now answers to your question,my sensor (a round black cap ) is above the door to the right. We have a similar van and would agree entirely with your observations. With the water heating switched on and the room stat set low we should not get a flow in the heating system, but we do. Caravan anitfreeze probably isn’t something you give much thought to. Open 7 Days Monday - Friday 8.30am-5pm, Saturday 9am-4pm, Sunday 12noon-4pm Caravans. The simple programmer allowed me to set required temperatures throughout each day for 1 week repeating. We had this same problem when the van was new (March 2008) but it settled down, now it is worse than ever. The flow from the boiler runs to the toilet and then under my single bed. On my last 3000 there was a simple arrangement of switches setting heat hot water or both and either 1or 2 kw or gas. Oh Dear! It also appears the tank moulding is in two parts, with mine the crew thread was out of alignment, so it made it very hard to fit the cap correctly with out cross  threading, so in the end I used some PTFE tape to seal the cap, no leaks since. As part of the PDI this  should be finally set down to number two; many times we hear sloppy dealers forgetting to do so. The problem is that most of us want more electrical gizmos in our caravans. This 3010 is by far the most complicated to operate. In response to this ongoing issue, the company has introduced its new 16 mm convector system. 01476 372245. It should not push liquid out of the header tank, if it does, the cap is not on properly. It was fine for the first 8 weeks, but then it all went downhill. I did wonder if reversing the polarity on the circulation pump (mounted on the system header tank in the wardrobe in our case) would force the water round in the opposite direction. Details how to set the above are in the manual,or on line. Grantham Caravans are delighted to offer a Swift Challenger 650 (2020) inc ALDE heating + LUX Pack for sale. It very much depends on the installation as to whether the Alde system is as good as it is proclaimed to be. We have had two caravans, both with Alde and they were very different. However, our caravan has Alde heating. Established in 1949, Alde have always developed and manufactured their products at their base in Southern Sweden.   Pasted as rich text. Alde heating Coolant change £180.00 inc the Pink Alde Coolant, and don't forget we are mobile, so we come to you at no extra charge! Remember Alde recommend you use the G13 or G12++ Antifreeze (meeting VAG G12++ or G13 specification) in your caravan or motorhome as it is a premium mixture and has a much longer 5-year life. Lovely and easy. Alde International Systems AB is a world-leading company which develops, produces and markets heating systems for caravans and motorhomes. Visit our Grantham dealership and view a variety of New Caravans for sale. John Mcm Read the History of Alde In my case just a slight lack of attention on the installers part, the pipe was just pressing on the edge of a hole; moving a clip did it. × 2018 marks the complete redesign of Sprite. We spent our first night in the caravan and it was a cold night, so were obviously keen to know exactly how good Alde Heating is. With refined looks, outstanding equipment and stunning exteriors. Other ways to warm up. The simple programmer allowed me to set required temperatures throughout each day for 1 week repeating. After hearing the details they rang back the next day with a contact number for an Alde engineer who was to come to our house and fix this. You should not be getting splashes in the wardrobe. Following our problem with loss of fluid in the system on our last trip, the van has now been on our drive since 26th November with heating set low on 1kw. × We cannot see one. Swift Challenger, Swift Challenger 570, Alde Heating in Mobile & Touring Caravans, Challenger Sport, Dodge Challenger Cars, Swift Caravans, Swift Kontiki, Swift Motorhomes, Swift Corniche, Swift Static Caravans co. uk, Swift Group Handbooks: www.   Your previous content has been restored. AS A WORLD-renowned manufacturer of heating systems for caravans and motorhomes, Alde knows how important it is to reduce the weight of its products in order to save energy and space in the vehicle. SWIFT CHALLENGER FEATURES Every Challenger enjoys a highly desirable level of standard equipment including Alde heating all within a competitive price bracket, including an exclusive package of features such as SMART Construction, Swift Command and Duvalay mattresses to all fixed beds. A truly rare find! Restore formatting, × This resulted in a call from Alde to say that a new vent thingy was likely needed. Clear editor. Started 6 hours ago, By 01476 372245. Read the History of Alde Powered by Invision Community. It is possible to plumb the Alde system in either direction. Started 6 hours ago, By Keith and Michelle provide their thoughts on Alde wet central heating vs Truma blown air heating. There are a number of pump speed settings on the Alde, I think that the higher one is used when purging during refill and may not have been reset to a lower speed. Cheers I will look into the pump speed and check the top of the tank. ... And our test van had the optional Alde heating fitted, costing another £995. (Especially at night time when a cooler bed area is preferable). The effect is that the bed area heats up quickly, but the bathroom takes much longer to heat up since it is as the end of the flow. It operates in the same way as a household central heating system creating hot water for you taps and heat for your radiators. - Registered in 2017 but first purchased in 2018. For the PDI it leaves the factory at number 5 which aids setting up and ensuring the system is purged properly. Alde heating in caravans Enter your email address to receive alerts when we have new listings available for Alde heating in caravans . The second one, a Bailey, was rubbish. Sam    RR Sport HSE Dynamic towing Swift Elegance Grande 845. The mid-market Swift Challenger 580 breaks new ground in being the first van with optional Alde wet central heating – read the Practical Caravan review Verdict The 2016 Swift Challenger 580 is well equipped for the cash. Grantham Caravans are delighted to offer a Swift Challenger 645 (2020) inc ALDE heating + LUX Pack for sale. The 560’s island bed is almost two metres long! We carefully pick the best stock to ensure the best quality available. Six of Slovenian manufacturer Adria’s 11 models imported into Britain now have Alde heating. By Pipes will expand a small amount along there length as they heat up. forum topic. With my van, the central heating water flows from the boiler under the fixed bed in an anti-clockwise direction.

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