Dennis Geronimus (31 January 2007). Obituary by D.W. Gover. Pier Antonio Micheli is the father of mycology Sir E.J.Butler is the father of Indian micology Anton De Bary is the father of modern mycology Of these about 900 were in fact fungi or lichenised fungi. Herbals or books containing descriptions of fungi were published by several authors like Clusius (1601) J. F. van Steerbeck (1675), Robert Hooke & others. Estimated Diversity taxa ~1.5 Million. Joseph Lister: Father of antiseptic surgery: Created and applied aseptic surgical technique: Paul Ehrlich: Father of … 2. Pier Antonio Micheli (December 11, 1679 – January 1, 1737) was a noted Italian botanist, professor of botany in Pisa, curator of the Orto Botanico di Firenze, author of Nova plantarum genera iuxta Tournefortii methodum disposita.He discovered the spores of mushrooms, was a leading authority on cryptogams, and coined several important genera of microfungi including Aspergillus and Botrytis. What does Mycology mean? Addison. There are 3 parts of science Which is Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Aristotle . 4. 1. Father of Biology. for Cap) and logos (Gr. FATHER OF DIFFERENT FIELDS OF SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY PDF covers all the father of science technology for different kind of fields.The following is a list of significant men and women known for being the Father, mother, or considered the founders mostly in a field, listed by category. Father of Various Branches of Biology. One of the larger fungi described by Micheli was a stinkhorn which he name Phallus vulgaris. Where do Fungi grow? father of indian mycology-E.J.Butler he is indian phytopathologist Pier Antonio Micheli was a noted Italian botanist, professor of botany in Pisa, curator of the Orto Botanico di Firenze, author of Nova plantarum genera iuxta Tournefortii methodum disposita. Father of Natural History. Father of Mycology. Aristotle. Pier Antonio Micheli: Father of Mycology: Discovered the spores of mushrooms and coined several important genera of micro fungi including Aspergillus and botrytis. Father of Polio Vaccine : Jonas Salk Father of Green Revolution: Norman Borlaug Labels: Father of Anatomy , Father of Cloning , Father of DNA Fingerprinting , Father of Genetic Engineering , Fathers of various life sciences branches , NEET 2013 , NEET Biology notes , Norman Borlaug Science is very important subject in every competitive exams. While others had collected and illustrated fungi much earlier, such as Federico Cesi’s illustrations of around 1623 – 1628, Pier Antonio Micheli is considered by many to be the founder of scientific mycology. 3. mykes (Gr. 5. Trophic level of fungi. Somehow that seems entirely appropriate! Everywhere! for discussion) Fungus (L.) sponge. Pier Antonio Micheli Italian botanist. Father of endocrinology. Selected Sources: Moselio Schaechter, 'Pier Antonio Micheli, The father of modern mycology: A paean', McIlvainea, 2000. The most famous work of their period was published by P. A. Micheli (1679- 1737) who included scientific descriptions and … Father of Zoology. Heterotrophs - Decomposers. Aristotle.

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