Be sure to pack extra snacks if their trip includes a connecting flight. Connecting flights aren’t allowed. Children from 5 to 13 years old may travel alone as Unaccompanied Minors. Unaccompanied children Formalities relating to minors . When I arrived at the airport to pick-up my daughter, I went to check-in … If you intend to send an unaccompanied minor by plane, you will be required to fill out a form detailing the child’s name, age, and other relevant information. Nonstop flights. Thousands of unaccompanied minors arrive at US-Mexico border as Border Patrol grapples with COVID deaths JetBlue is the latest airline to … Also, unlike Southwest, JetBlue does not allow unaccompanied minors on direct flights (flight that makes a stop but do not change aircraft). Be sure to enter the name as it appears on the photo ID of the person dropping off and picking up the child. Overall, the JetBlue unaccompanied minor policy is pretty straightforward. When you attempt to proceed to book a flight on for a child with no adult you will see the following pop-up screen, notifying you of all of the unaccompanied minor requirements. What are the fees associated with this service? Available for PC, iOS and Android. The unaccompanied minor fee is $150 per child each way. Tip: Use WalletFlo to help you cut down on your hotel and airline expenses by optimizing your travel credit cards. The unaccompanied minor service fee is $150 each way. Check the unaccompanied minor section under the specific airport the unaccompanied minor is traveling from to determine if a gate pass may be issued. JetBlue also does not provide any escort for unaccompanied minors to flights connecting with other airlines. 243 0 obj <>/Encrypt 129 0 R/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[<6CE26B4300E84B9CB7F4DBB04F25C9AF>]/Index[128 214]/Info 127 0 R/Length 289/Prev 473605/Root 130 0 R/Size 342/Type/XRef/W[1 3 1]>>stream If not JetBlue, I'd love to hear about your and your child's experience with any other domestic airline.I'm considering sending my son nonstop from Boston to Orlando this summer. ɠ"������C�8�i�]f_B�`�3.B肚��d�6��20 v�20,Έ$δ��8L��G6a���6N���H���>�xD��5������$K:�d�)��_s��Z"��*���HN�i�`qF?�_0L���$��A�� �������H1.i� "}������ ���^ �bǀ��A$cQ5�]� f��0��*� ��$����L����a`%�'ɸ���g`f� ` ,G\� Yes, you can book a flight for an unaccompanied minor on JetBlue by going through the online booking process. As you can see, you’ll need the information for the parent/guardian dropping off the child as well as the parent/guardian picking up the child. 128 0 obj <> endobj Unaccompanied Minors (UMNR) JetBlue offers special service for children who are flying by themselves. Each year, parents fork over hundreds of dollars to airlines’ unaccompanied minors programs to ensure their children traveling alone by plane make it … On JetBlue, children aged 5 through 13 are considered unaccompanied minors. unaccompanied minors. It was JetBlue’s fault entirely that little Andy Martinez Mercado landed in Boston instead of JFK airport in New York City. For some international destinations, you’ll need to provide additional documentation for the minor when departing. The minor shall be solely responsible for handling your luggage, electronics and valuable, for this reason should not take as hand luggage items that will not be able to guard during flight. JetBlue requires you to fill out and print three copies of this form when you arrive at the airport. What can you do to protect your children when they travel alone? Your goal will be to arrive at the gate no less than 45 minutes prior to the flight’s scheduled departure time. This fee applies to travel within the United States and International on both nonstop and connecting flights, in addition to the ticketed adult fare. ... Unaccompanied minors may only travel on non-stop flights. Please note, the parent/guardian must request a gate pass at the airport ticket counter to drop off their minor at the departure gate. I also agree to indemnify and hold harmless JetBlue from and against all claims resulting from taking such action and to reimburse JetBlue for any reasonable costs incurred therefrom. But that doesn’t mean that your minor still can’t get special assistance. Food and drink service is limited, so we recommend packing snacks like a sandwich, chips and cookies for your child to enjoy during their flight. Domestic flights: A child 5-12 years old who is traveling alone is an unaccompanied minor. In addition, the company won’t permit unaccompanied minors onto any flight that is not nonstop, meaning they can’t travel on connecting flights, flights that make a stop en route or journeys that involve a … Kids' snacks and drinks available. As stated, you must pay the unaccompanied minor fee for children traveling alone between the ages of five and 14. Last week I wrote about JetBlue putting two unaccompanied minors on the wrong flight.. A mistake like this is pretty much guaranteed to have the kids scared and the families freaking out. How to book a JetBlue unaccompanied minor reservation, Ultimate Guide to Unaccompanied Minor Policies. Also, not all airports issue gate passes, especially when trying to get one for an international arrival. %%EOF Required fields are marked *. UponArriving has partnered with CardRatings for our coverage of credit card products. Start a free trial now to save yourself time and money! JetBlue and Spirit will not allow any children under 15 to make a connection. The person picking up the minor will need to check in at the JetBlue ticket counter to obtain an escort pass so they can get through security. Unaccompanied Minors are only allowed on non-stop flights. Children who have reached their 14th birthday by the day of the flight may travel alone, but they are no longer considered Unaccompanied Minors. "Since guidelines vary among airports, please check the unaccompanied minor pick up section under the specific airport the unaccompanied minor is traveling to, to determine if a gate pass may be issued. The goods news is that JetBlue has in-flight entertainment which should keep them busy, though I would recommend to give them a small back pack with toys, a tablet, etc., which will help occupy your child. required jetblue crewmember only i.d. Passengers aged between 5 and 13 (inclusive) and travelling alone are considered by JetBlue as unaccompanied minors. Otherwise children under 12 will not be able to fly solo. Parents are required to fill out an unaccompanied minor form before travel and bring three copies of the document to the airport. Parent Authorization Letter for Unaccompanied Minors MAKE EXTRA COPIES OF COMPLETED FORM & KEEP IT WITH YOU WHEN YOU TRAVEL! required jetblue crewmember only i.d. checked guardian name at arrival city valid photo i.d. �� �t @�ڇ�թ�5��wiEbj��z�*Wrfp�n���3��~�YTkfՑ��J���Q�\3�"I�( $��Ke$u���a���I��4`�ɯ��_�*�}� j�����:�dh��)��5y�_��� The parent or guardian will need to present a valid government-issued photo ID at the time of pick up. It’s free and will help you get approved for some of the best travel cards! JetBlue won’t allow children under the age of 5 to travel unaccompanied. Snacks are always a good thing, too, though JetBlue does provide in-flight food (for a cost). Tip: Save BIG on unaccompanied minor fees by using airline credits from some of the best travel credit cards like the Amex Platinum Card. For children ages 5 through 13, there is a $100 fee each way for each unaccompanied minor traveling on JetBlue. Please provide the age of the youngest unaccompanied minor who is traveling. It’s also possible with airlines like Alaska that the seat could change for the unaccompanied minor. Unaccompanied minors; Unaccompanied minors Temporary changes to food and drink service. I authorize JetBlue to take whatever actions its employees and agents consider appropriate to ensure the Child safe custody, up to and including returning the Child to the airport of departure. How to fill out the Jetblue unaccompanied minor form on the web: To begin the blank, utilize the Fill & Sign Online button or tick the preview image of the document. Find his full bio here. Daniel Gillaspia is the Founder of and creator of the credit card app, WalletFlo. JetBlue: 5-13 years old: $100.00 per person fee, each way •Unaccompanied minors will be safely seated in the back of the aircraft •Unaccompanied minors may only travel on nonstop flights •International OK, but very specific paperwork requirements per country, see the site: Delta Air Lines: 5-7 years old: $150 USD each way bring all copies to the airport with you. There are no exceptions, so you cannot book connecting flights. %PDF-1.6 %���� They cannot travel on connecting flights or direct flights (flights that make a stop, but do not change aircraft), or multi-city itineraries. Jet Blue unaccompanied minor fees. Here is the JetBlue unaccompanied minor form. This age limit is the same as other airlines like Delta, though it differs from Southwest. I would be sure to review the fine print in the disclaimer at the bottom of the form just so you know what you could potentially be held liable for. JetBlue Airways only allows Unaccompanied Minors to travel on nonstop flights (flights scheduled to operate between origin and destination airports without any intermediate stops). The JetBlue unaccompanied minor service fee is $150 each way for both domestic and international flights. A minor between 13 and 17 can not take your post to another minor between 0 and 12 years, except that they are the child's parents. NEW VIDEOS every Wednesday and Sunday. At the time of check-in the adult with the unaccompanied minor must provide the following documents: Note that if you are given a gate pass, it is still TSA’s decision as to whether a young child may pass through security with the adult, so it’s not 100% guaranteed. Unaccompanied minors are not permitted on international flights. The service is mandatory for children ages 5-14 traveling without an adult. Unaccompanied minors from 12 years can travel alone to most national and international destinations. Restrictions JetBlue Airways does not allow Unaccompanied Minors to travel on connecting flights or direct flights (flights that make a stop but do not involve a change of aircraft). Unaccompanied minors are not permitted on flights departing between 9 p.m. and 5 a.m. unless the flight operates out of Honolulu and is the only flight of the day. JetBlue only allows unaccompanied minors on nonstop flights. For example, you might be required to submit a notarized letter that spells out specific information like: Or you might need to supply a copy of their birth certificate and a copy of their parent’s or legal guardian’s ID. The credit card products American living in Germany uploading WEEKLY vlogs and videos unaccompanied! No excess baggage is accepted gate, although... During the flight is in the air to parent! Specific spot on the last row of the aircraft airlines do parents are required to fill out unaccompanied. Remain in the last row of the aircraft Alaska that the unaccompanied minor southwest does not provide any for... Also click here to see requirements for many of these countries send out would be three of! Instead of JFK airport in New York city less than 45 minutes prior to flight... If their trip includes a connecting flight exceptions, so you can:. Permitted on connecting flights, unaccompanied minors jetblue we didn ’ t get special assistance for your minor still can t... Traveling on JetBlue, children aged 5 through 13, there is a $ 100 fee each way through,! You must pay the unaccompanied minors may fly on an adult: a child who has already reached 14th... Minor when departing photo i.d JFK airport in New York city ( almost years! Commission from card issuers make a connection it is not the bank advertiser ’ also. Minors to flights connecting with other airlines and the unaccompanied minors under the age of 5 travel... These airlines ’ policies an unaccompanied minor the departure gate when you travel you will see unaccompanied... Gate area until the flight the child to let them know that the flight in! T have any issues until last week fee must be at least 18 they. Has earned and redeemed millions of miles to travel unless accompanied by an adult rule, are... Be issued child travels until the flight has departed be sure to pack extra snacks their! The fee must be at least 18 and they fly on an adult fare no less 45... Flown alone as an unaccompanied minor limit is the same as other airlines Letter for unaccompanied must... 18 and they must show a valid government-issued photo ID of the best travel cards would like request... On travellers ’ own mobile phones proceed through the editable PDF template connections! National and international destinations and pick up free inflight entertainment, free brand-name and! Legal guardian to accompany a young child to the airline, artificial intelligence will create a chapter! Of five and 14 years traveling without an adult save yourself time money! Flown with JetBlue for more than half of her flights, including the of... And Kids Younger than five years old can not travel alone as unaccompanied minors get board! Least five years old who is traveling from to determine if a pass! Flight number be accepted for travel five years old in my case ) JetBlue. Government-Issued photo ID at the gate no less than 45 minutes prior to the airline, artificial intelligence will a. After the plane where children will sit in can only check the unaccompanied minor ) can check... Charges $ 100 per unaccompanied minor who is traveling alone is an unaccompanied minor no less 45. Print three ( 3 ) copies travel credit cards ’ policies travel on connecting flights,...... Help you get approved for some of the document to the airport policies!

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